Is Olivier Giroud eyeing a move away from Arsenal?

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By , April 28, 2017 12:56 pm

Olivier Giroud is not getting as much playing time in the first team of Arsene Wenger as he used to get a few years ago.

The French attacker has recently been getting dropped to the sidelines on a regular basis as Arsene Wenger prefers to utilize Alexis Sanchez at the frontlines and this has forced Giroud on performing for a significantly less period of time as years ago.

Despite getting far less amount of time in the pitch as previous seasons, Olivier Giroud has still managed to come out on top and proved just how valuable and influential he can be even with a limited amount of time, the French forward has scored 8 goals in 19 league appearances.

The 30 year old attacker Olivier Giroud has revealed details concerning some of the reasons of why Arsene Wenger has opted to drop him to the sidelines and the French player said:

‘’The coach explained to me that he was adopting this system to find a defensive balance. Sometimes, I played with Sanchez on the left, but the rest of time I have to adapt to the tactical decisions’’ Continue reading 'Is Olivier Giroud eyeing a move away from Arsenal?'»

Arsene Wenger reckons China needs more than Buying Top Players

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By , February 9, 2017 12:36 pm

Arsene Wenger reckons if China has to match the standard of the European nations in soccer, it has to do much more than just landing the top players to its league.

As per Wenger, culture is more important than anything else as far as the future of the game in a country is concerned.

When the kids growing up see their parents’ passion for the game, that’s how they get attracted towards the game and they then pass on that passion and interest to their own kids and that shapes a culture.

If people are in love with the game, they will come and watch it every week. But, if there is no culture and people are coming to the stadiums just to watch some particular names because they are famous, it’s not going to carry on for a long period of time.

In the opinion of Wenger, a culture can’t be shaped overnight. It happens over the decades and centuries. But, regardless of whatever time it takes, the focus must be on shaping the culture and not just on bringing in great names. Continue reading 'Arsene Wenger reckons China needs more than Buying Top Players'»


By , December 20, 2016 8:28 am

An Undisclosed Chinese Super League club is reportedly offering Arsenal Striker, Alexis Sanchez, a staggering £400,000 a week should he put his pen on their paper.

This is coming at a very wrong time for Arsene Wenger who faces a tough negotiating battle in keeping the Chilean at the Emirates.

Sanchez currently earns £140,000 per week and with the amount quoted from China, his agent will do everything possible to make sure whatever Arsenal offers Sanchez will be good enough to make him to stay put.

Alexis Sanchez signed for Arsenal during the 2014 summer transfer window, from Barcelona and has since gone on to underline his importance in the North London club. He finished as their top scorer last season even though Olivier Giroud was supposed to be Arsenal’s beacon in the 18-yard box. This season has seen the Chilean bag 13 in 20 matches. Wenger faces a tough choice and can not afford to repeat the mistakes he made with Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri and most especially Robin Van Persie.

The shrewd manager’s insistence on operating on “positively” balanced club coffers has seen him continuously promote, guide and build youths from the academy. But recent events have exposed him to be having a hard time keeping them happy the moment they turn into superstars. Continue reading 'SANCHEZ FACES TEMPTATION FROM A CHINESE CLUB'»

Arsene Wenger cannot select his predecessor in Arsenal

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By , November 17, 2016 3:04 pm

Arsene Wenger has spent over 20 years in charge of Arsenal and his time with the Premier League club might finally be reaching it’s end as his managerial contract expires at the end of the season and at this point in time it has not been confirmed if the French manager will be signing another contract extension.

The 66 year old manager has recently revealed details concerning who is going to be his successor in Arsenal and Wenger stated that he can’t really do anything when it comes to selecting the next manager of the Premier League club as that task lies on other figures in the team.

“My job is to be the manager of the club and to be responsible for the style of play and the technical policy of the club. The board’s responsibility will be to choose the next manager that is not my job.

“If they ask my opinion I will give it in an honest way, but it will not be me to choose the next manager. I’m not in their position, I am in my position.No matter what happens I will have to make my decision, the board will have to make a decision, and I will respect the decision of the board.Even if I wish to stay on I will always respect the decision of the board, they have the responsibility to do that.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said as he stated that its not his job to select the next coach but he will give his opinion and thoughts.

One of the names that has recently been popping out as the possible successor of Arsene Wenger and become the next coach of Arsenal is Roberto Mancini.

Roberto Mancini has experience in coaching Premier League clubs as he took charge of Manchester City from 2009 until 2013 and the Italian manager was able to win the FA Cup, FA Community Shield and the Premier League title during that period of time.

Mancini is currently not in charge of any clubs and appears to be as a very viable figure that can take charge of Arsenal, especially taking into consideration that he has the experience and has already lifted various pieces of silverware with different European clubs.


By , September 27, 2016 1:02 pm

Arsenal player Matthieu Debuchy is set to exit the Emirates this summer, but a calf injury threatens the process.

The 31-year old French player is frantic about an exit from the London-based side, and Arsenal are willing to let him leave. The Mirror claims Arsenal are willing to let him go either on a permanent basis or on a season long loan deal.

The calf problems of Debuchy could impair negotiations with interested parties this summer. It would be difficult for clubs to sign him in his current state of injury as there would have to be assessments. Rarely would a club take a gamble on a player – worsened by his current age – this time. Debuchy lost his spot on the team to Hector Bellerin, who is now a regular right back.

In his bid to get a call up to the national team of France, Debuchy was willing to leave in January this year, but the transfer window closed before he could exit. The former Newcastle defender would remain with Arsenal until a club is willing to accept him. Aside Debuchy, Calum Chambers is likely to exit the side as the club is willing to listen to offers, particularly on a loan deal. Continue reading 'DEBUCHY LINKED WITH MOVE AWAY FROM EMIRATES'»


By , August 24, 2016 12:09 pm

Arsenal FC started the season on a poor note after all their pre season successes. The vulnerabilities in the squad were revealed by Jurgen Klopp’s men when they hit back four quick goals after Theo Walcott’s first half opener. Liverpool’s attack seemed too much for the inexperienced defence of Arsene Wenger.

They are set to enter a warding off battle with Inter Milan as they club named Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez as their must-get target for this summer. The transfer window is few days away from closing, and the Italians feel Sanchez might be up for a new challenge. They are hoping that the way things are at Arsenal – which might not change soon – might lure the player to join them as they make a renewed bid for the Serie A. Continue reading 'ARSENAL COULD LOSE SANCHEZ TO INTER'»

Henry Moves On

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By , August 15, 2016 11:16 am

Thierry Henry was a consultant, guiding the junior Arsenal Footballers previous season, but, it was just an internship to fulfil the requirements of the coaching degree he had been pursuing.

As the summer started, the Gunners came with a job proposition to the former striker and the profile of the job was of a coach of the teenage squad. However, the proposition was attached with a condition and the condition was that he would have to stop appearing on English Television analysing the matches.

Henry preferred the TV work, something which he had been doing since last year and something which had been earning him lots of cash and so, he is no more connected to the Gunners in any capacity.
But, for that, Arsene Wenger is now in for some criticism from a well-known international TV face Piers Morgan who has blamed the Gunners boss of Two-facedness.

According to Morgan, Wenger has media commitments himself. When the international tournaments take place in the off season, he features on one of the channels providing his opinions on the matches, but, he is trying to stop Henry from doing the same.

Morgan, a lifelong rooter of Arsenal, fears Henry would be hired by a competitor club and rather than the youngsters of Arsenal, it’s the youngsters of that club who would benefit from the knowledge of Henry.

However, Remi Garde, who was in charge of Villa three months back and is one of the friends of Wenger, has an otherwise opinion. In his opinion, the condition Wenger put had basis. If a coach has media commitments while the season is on, it can create a puzzling situation and since, the bosses of the big clubs already have a number of issues to deal with, they wouldn’t want additional issues.