Ballack: Mesut Ozil is a world-class

Former Germany international Michael Ballack said that Mesut Ozil is a world-class player and that he is important for the German team. The former Bayern Munich and Chelsea midfielder stated that the assist he made against Ukraine was a world-class one, and he deserved some praises.

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil played in a superb ball for Bastian Schweinsteiger to help him score an important goal for the German team in the match against Ukraine. The goal came at a crucial moment when Germany was finding hard to break down Ukraine and help alleviate pressure that was mounting on the team.

Mesut Ozil has been incredible this season with Arsenal and was voted as the Player of the Season at Arsenal following his record number of assists for the team.

Michael Ballack said that the ball by Mesut Ozil was a dream for Bastian Schweinsteiger, and it is only players like Ozil can play such balls. He stated that there is a reason why Mesut Ozil is always selected in the big tournaments, and he has proven why he is a world-class player.

Ballack stated before the Euros that Bastian Schweinsteiger should be included in the team, and he was proved right in the match against Ukraine. Despite his frequent injuries and poor form with Manchester United, Bastian Schweinsteiger was excellent against Ukraine and showed that he is still a world-class player.

Michael Ballack believes that if players such as Mesut Ozil and Bastian Schweinsteiger stays fit throughout the tournament, then there is a big chance that Germany could win the Euros. However, he believes that there are other strong teams in the tournament and that the German players will have to give their best in every match if they want to make it to the end.