Henry Moves On

Thierry Henry was a consultant, guiding the junior Arsenal Footballers previous season, but, it was just an internship to fulfil the requirements of the coaching degree he had been pursuing.

As the summer started, the Gunners came with a job proposition to the former striker and the profile of the job was of a coach of the teenage squad. However, the proposition was attached with a condition and the condition was that he would have to stop appearing on English Television analysing the matches.

Henry preferred the TV work, something which he had been doing since last year and something which had been earning him lots of cash and so, he is no more connected to the Gunners in any capacity.
But, for that, Arsene Wenger is now in for some criticism from a well-known international TV face Piers Morgan who has blamed the Gunners boss of Two-facedness.

According to Morgan, Wenger has media commitments himself. When the international tournaments take place in the off season, he features on one of the channels providing his opinions on the matches, but, he is trying to stop Henry from doing the same.

Morgan, a lifelong rooter of Arsenal, fears Henry would be hired by a competitor club and rather than the youngsters of Arsenal, it’s the youngsters of that club who would benefit from the knowledge of Henry.

However, Remi Garde, who was in charge of Villa three months back and is one of the friends of Wenger, has an otherwise opinion. In his opinion, the condition Wenger put had basis. If a coach has media commitments while the season is on, it can create a puzzling situation and since, the bosses of the big clubs already have a number of issues to deal with, they wouldn’t want additional issues.