Is Olivier Giroud eyeing a move away from Arsenal?

Olivier Giroud is not getting as much playing time in the first team of Arsene Wenger as he used to get a few years ago.

The French attacker has recently been getting dropped to the sidelines on a regular basis as Arsene Wenger prefers to utilize Alexis Sanchez at the frontlines and this has forced Giroud on performing for a significantly less period of time as years ago.

Despite getting far less amount of time in the pitch as previous seasons, Olivier Giroud has still managed to come out on top and proved just how valuable and influential he can be even with a limited amount of time, the French forward has scored 8 goals in 19 league appearances.

The 30 year old attacker Olivier Giroud has revealed details concerning some of the reasons of why Arsene Wenger has opted to drop him to the sidelines and the French player said:

‘’The coach explained to me that he was adopting this system to find a defensive balance. Sometimes, I played with Sanchez on the left, but the rest of time I have to adapt to the tactical decisions’’

‘’For me, the most difficult moment was that after scoring an important goal against Manchester United, I thought that I had scored some points and that I would start against PSG…

but no.So I asked to speak to the coach to understand. I accept his decisions but I tell him what I think, without being negative, without antagonizing. There are no misunderstandings between us’’

Olivier Giroud has also recently talked about the possibility of working under different managers and the experienced player stated that he is versatile enough to perform under the guidance of coaches that are passionate such as: Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho. This might be his way of hinting at a possible move away from Arsenal in the near future.