Roberto Mancini want to Coach Arsenal

Roberto Mancini is the current manager of Inter Milan, he was appointed on November 14, just a few days ago but the Italian coach has already expressed his desire to be in charge of another club and surprisingly enough that club is Arsenal.

The Italian manager is mostly known for what he accomplished some years ago during his first time as the manager of Inter Milan where he was able to win the Serie A title for 3 successive years but even though it has been in Italy where Roberto Mancini has really been able to shine, the experienced coach wants to coach his 2nd English team.

Under the guidance of Mancini, Manchester City won a Premier League trophy in 2011 as well as also managing to lift the FA Community Shield and the FA Cup.

It has been less than one week since Mancini made his return to Inter Milan but he has already told the media that someday he would like to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and when the time comes even be in charge of the Italian national football team.

“Now I would say the Premier League, but 10 years ago I would have answered Serie A. I always wanted to coach Arsenal, and who knows, there is still time.Then when I am 60, I can imagine myself as coach of Italy” Roberto Mancini stated.

Arsene Wenger is under heavy pressure at Arsenal as the French coach is unable to secure major trophies despite having a number of talented players at his disposal but injuries continue affecting the squad and the training regime of Wenger is put into question regularly.