Theo Walcott injuries created problems for Arsenal

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has not had a very successful season as his injuries have kept him out of action for the majority of the campaign. Back in January of 2014, the English player had to be removed from the pitch during an FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur after he picked up a cruciate ligament injury.

This injury kept Theo Walcott away from the pitch for over 5 months and when he finally managed to get fully recovered; he suffered another setback due to a groin problem.

The 25 year old player explained how his situation in this season has been as he unveiled information of how he has managed to deal with everything that has been going around him.

“I remember when I had one of my injuries before, I came in down in the dumps and rehab seemed to take so much longer. You don’t want that, you want to come in and feel like you’re doing something each day. Even though it might be the same things at the start, you benefit when it comes to the end of it.”

“I like to work week by week, so I forget about the big picture and the nine months. Week by week, hitting the goals and when you have achieved that, you can feel good about hitting something else.” Theo Walcott said.

In the last season of the Premier League, Walcott was a huge influence in the team but his impact has been dissolving more and more in the current campaign as Arsene Wenger seems to have managed to find a way to deal with the successive injury and physical problems that the players has suffered in this season.

Another reason why Walcott has not been such a big figure in this season is due to other players who have managed to step up and turn into heroes for Arsenal, this is the case of Alexis Sanchez who is a consistent goal-scorer and is easily one of the best players not only in Arsenal but in the entire Premier League.