Arsenal have been facing a lot of negative criticism the season, and the manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that some of the criticism has gotten to his players. Arsenal are fighting to finish in the top four this season, but they are in a disadvantageous position unlike in previous seasons. They have several points to make up between them and Tottenham in the fourth position, while the likes of Everton are also in the mix as well. The recent 1-0 win over Stoke city helped the club keep up the fight with Tottenham, but Wenger has admitted that this season has been extremely tough.

After being extremely patient with Arsene Wenger despite the lack of major trophies since 2005, many sections of the Arsenal fans have been calling for the manager to step down. This has also had an influence on the supporters at the home matches as well. The recent statistics show that Arsenal would be in the bottom half of the table had only the first half of matches counted. Wenger has said that it is primarily due to the criticism they have been receiving, and it is difficult to turn the heads away from such constant criticism from the fans and the media.

“That can only be psychological because you do not become a good football player in the second half and you are bad in the first half. The team has certainly been deeply affected by all the negativity and as well by the fact they are highly focused to do well. Everyone of us is affected by criticism. I didn’t meet one person who loves to be slaughtered. The team want to do well. But sometimes that can be a bit inhibitive. I think it’s mainly down to that,” said Wenger. Arsenal will make the away trip to Sunderland this weekend.